The information is being extracted from Microsofts Northwind database. The detail is folded into one year (the last year) for display purposes.

The sample program demonstrates how to creats a clean user interface to present a summary of the Orders placed over the proceeding year. The first page shows a list all the Inventory items and the quantities of each item sold. The data can be sorted on every column, in ascending or descending order.
IFRAMES and DIV layers are used so the whole page does not have to be refreshed each time the data is updated. Every effort was made to so that the updates were quick, with limited return trips to the server and page rebuild were kept to a minimum.
On the ORDER-ITEMS page the user can drill-down on each Product to view the Dates, Customers
and Invoice numbers of the selected product sold. In A complete Order section there would be a full Order Entry section.

ORDER TOTALS page gives a complete summary of each product and the number of sales for each month of the years. There is also a complete year sales total in months.

ORDER CHART page displays a graph of years sales broken down by Month and graphicly showing the most active months.

Technology used Standard HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript AJAX, ASP (Active Server Pages), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with Stored Procedures.

Sample SQL SELECT o1.OrderID as Invoice, c1.CompanyName as Company,
left(convert(varchar(11), o1.OrderDate, 113),7) + ltrim(str(year(getdate())-1)) as 'Invoice date'
FROM Orders as o1
  LEFT OUTER JOIN Customers as c1 on c1.CustomerID = o1.CustomerID
  LEFT OUTER JOIN [order details] as o2 on o1.OrderID = o2.OrderID
WHERE o2.ProductID = @ProductID

Thanks you to the many people whose insights and sharing have contributed to the design and devlopment of this section. Where possible the authors credits have been left with the coding. Sometimes it has been difficult to establish who is the real owner as the same pieces of code keep appearing in many publications. Currently a complex web based POS and Accounting package is being designed in ASP.Net. Portions of its coding will appear here as time permits.